Sandwich Bread With Flaxseed

I’m enjoying summer break way too much. I’m going to be so lost when school starts again next month! For now, I’m just soaking up the sun and low-humidity days, long walks, grill-outs at the park, frozen yogurt, and enough free time to make bread from scratch.
Sandwich Bread with Flaxseed- perfect bread for sandwiches or breakfast!I’m packing up to move at the end of this month. We’re moving across town so that we can get a pet-friendly apartment, which means we’re packing everything up, cleaning, and figuring out what to do with the 2-day gap between when we have to leave this apartment and when we can get into our new one. We’re doing it ALL for this creature:
JadeShe’s my West Highland White Terrier, and her name is Jade. It’s her favorite color. Jade’s going to be 12 this fall, and I miss having her around. After losing my beagle last summer, I’ve been wanting Jade around for comfort. She’s my baby now. I love her to pieces!
Anyways, back to this bread:
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