Fresh Croissants

Fresh Croissants- so buttery, flaky, and insanely delicious!These are so buttery, flaky, and crisp. There’s nothing quite like a fresh croissant, and since who knows when I’ll find myself in France (someday, hopefully), I make them myself. And you know what? It’s extremely rewarding!

Fresh Croissants- so buttery, flaky, and insanely delicious!

I do not make these often enough. Clearly. It was Christmas the last time I made them, and they were so worth it, but I forgot about them until today. I passed by Dunkin’ Donuts and wanted a chocolate croissant really badly, so I decided to make a batch for the holiday weekend. Must be a holiday recipe for me! Continue reading

Fresh Strawberry Muffins

I admit, before this, strawberry muffins weren’t something I’d ever considered making.

Strawberry muffins- loaded with fresh berries and topped with a berry glaze, these muffins are packed with flavor!

I love strawberries fresh or in ice cream, but baked? I was afraid I’d lose that sweet berry flavor! I asked for suggestions on Facebook for what to bake with all my fresh berries, and a friend suggested muffins. I said I’d give it a shot, and wow, I’m so grateful she said that! These are amazing. Proof that other people are much smarter than I am. 🙂 These are a perfect breakfast, treat, or even dessert. The glaze is sweet but adds a nice shot of flavor. You can definitely skip it, though. Continue reading