Blackberry Lemon Cupcakes

Blackberry Cupcakes Filled With Lemon Curd

These cupcakes were kind of buried in my archives, and that’s just not right. I’ve made them several times and everyone LOVES them. When my mom asked for them on Mother’s Day weekend, I took the opportunity to get some better pictures of them!

Blackberry Cupcakes Filled With Lemon Curd

The cupcakes are fluffy and light, the frosting tastes like blackberry frozen yogurt, and the lemon curd is a bright, tart center that makes the whole thing complete. Basically, they’re too delicious to pass up. The lemon curd recipe has an unusual method and always comes out delicious. I use it for everything now!  Continue reading

How To: Make a Pitcher of Iced Tea

As this blog grows, I realize that I would like to occasionally share posts  that aren’t recipes. I hope you don’t mind, and that some of them will still interest you. For my first one, I thought I’d keep it fairly food-related still, just to ease our way into this! I’ve already mentioned that coffee makes me jittery and wired usually, so I drink tea. But I didn’t mention how much tea I drink….

DIY Iced Tea

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