Homemade Pita Bread & Tzatziki

I was never able to successfully make pita bread until today. I found a good recipe, followed it closely, and did a little dance when they puffed up in the oven!
I hope you’ve been following along with the meals I’ve been making this month, it’s been fun and challenging to do every night! I have realized how often I go without meat, too. Summer’s always a good time to make light meals and ditching meat is kind of natural when you up your veggie intake like we’ve been trying to do.
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Cooked Chicken Salad

Confession: I don’t really like salad. There’s been one salad, a Greek one that I still dream of in Ames, that I thoroughly enjoyed and craved. I have found a good caesar dressing that helps me get my greens, but mostly I just sneak them into all my meals. I’m sharing this recipe mostly for the spice mix, but if you’re a fellow salad hater, maybe this will help you out! Continue reading “Cooked Chicken Salad”

Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet potato hash is just a name I made up because it seemed to fit this lovely creation. I used to make this when my first class started at 11 AM so I had nice, long mornings to cook a big breakfast. After making it dozens of time, I found some shortcuts so it can be made quickly and simply. This may be more of a brunch recipe as-is, but you could serve it with fish or add more veggies to make a bigger meal. As is, it always fills us up and yet leaves us wanting more! Continue reading “Sweet Potato Hash”

Taco Bowls (with Homemade Seasoning!)

Taco bowls are so delicious and easy! I generally cook with ideas inspired by different regions of the world. I love Greek and Italian food, but Mexican food is hard to beat. The ingredients are inexpensive and easy to work with, and the flavors always sound good. I’ve been making my own taco seasoning ever since I realized how simple it is (and how much more flavorful it ends up being!). These bowls are fun and less messy than burritos that tend to leak all over hands.  Continue reading “Taco Bowls (with Homemade Seasoning!)”

Monster Cookie Bars

I got the base for this Monster Cookie Bar recipe from a coworker and adjusted it slightly. I liked how quickly they came together and how chewy they ended up being, so I had to share! They’re very gooey when they’re warm but set up nicely in a few hours. Hope you get to spend time with loved ones on this special weekend! Continue reading “Monster Cookie Bars”