I was going to do a personal post about how I ended up going to Hawaii 8 times so far in my life, but uhhh it’s kind of a long story and I don’t have a lot of pages yet. I also have thousands of pictures. So it gets its own page!A butterfly at workIt started out in the most unlikely place imaginable…a cornfield in Iowa. I’m born and raised in Iowa, and I home schooled most of my life so I was able to start working full-time in the agricultural industry when I was 14. My mom and 3 of my 4 siblings had worked at Syngenta for several years before I started. Cleaning corn in a dimly lit warehouse isn’t the most fun, but it ended up being worth it. Did you know there are cornfields in Hawaii? I didn’t!cornfields of IowaMy mom and oldest sister Jill went to Kauai to work in the cornfields there when I was 15. I thought it was the coolest thing ever because my other sister, Amy, and I were in charge of grocery shopping and meal planning since Mom would be gone for a month. Naturally we bought mozzarella sticks and all kinds of unhealthy stuff that Mom never let us have (the cruelty!).MauiHowever, what was even cooler was the next year, 2006. Mom had a big cottage she shared with a roommate, and Jill didn’t go that year. So my older brother, Luke, and Amy went over for a week and the next week, Dad and I came as Luke went home. We sort of took turns so that there’d be enough room in the cottage for us all to stay with Mom.Hawaiian sunsetsDad and I both remember that first evening very clearly. We pulled up to the cottage and got out. Mom, her German roommate, and Amy were sitting on driftwood logs watching the sun set over the Pacific. There was a pretty old pier that made the whole scene even more breathtaking. We sat with them and watched the sun slip into the water and we were hooked!

The next year, 2007, Amy and I both went with Mom to work in Oahu for a few weeks. Afterwards, we took a vacation in Kauai for a few days because all we had to do was pay for a flight over to Kauai and Syngenta would fly us home from wherever we were.Kauai and OahuThe next year, 2008, my oldest brother Zach and his wife Beth were able to come with us. Mom, Amy, and I were working in Oahu again and they came the last few days and stayed in our hotel room with us. We hiked Diamondhead that year, which was amazing. At some point when we were gone, Syngenta needed our room so our supervisor had to move all of our stuff to a tiny room. He ate my Godiva truffles (!) and Amy and I had to sleep on pool toy “air mattresses” that night so we could all fit into one room. Dad met us on Kauai and we stayed for a week.OahuIn 2009, I went over to Oahu with my best friend Ariel and Mom. We had an amazing time for 19 days and I’m so happy she got to experience Oahu and Kauai with me! We worked at Syngenta on both islands. No one else in my family came that year and once we were done with work, we just headed home.KauaiIn 2011, I went to Kauai with my fiancé, Michael! We got married on a beach in Kekaha with Amy and Ariel as our wedding party. It was surreal, magical, and so much fun to see Kauai all over again through his eyes. He fell in love with the islands just as much as I had.OahuWe went to Maui the next year for a two-week vacation. We stopped in Oahu for 3 days first, so he could see Pearl Harbor, Diamondhead, Waikiki, Kualoa Ranch, and the Dole Plantation.MauaiWe met up with Amy and Dad in Maui (Mom stayed home that year) and explored with them for a week. We had a blast discovering a new island. Maui is full of amazing hiking trails, rain forests, and waterfalls!MauiDad fell and got a black eye, I got altitude sickness atop a volcano, and we had an amazing trip overall. We went whale-watching, sat on the beach and soaked up the premature aging, and ate at some really good restaurants. Maui won us over, big time.DSCN8563In 2013, My husband and I vacationed alone in Kauai. We wanted to go back to where we got married, but they had bulldozed it to prevent erosion. So that was a bit of a let-down, but we laughed about it a lot. We also did a ton of hiking that year, and I saw things I’d never seen in Kauai before. MauiThis year, 2015, we went to Maui with my mom and dad. Dad had been dying to show it to Mom, plus it was their 40th anniversary last September. I arranged for them to go to the Big Island for a  couple of days, since they’d never been there and Dad’s always wanted to go (he’s a huge coffee fan and that’s where Kona coffee comes from).MauiSo, that’s how I ended up in Hawaii 8 times in my life so far. I have every intention of going back many times! It feels like home at this point. Right now we’re working on getting my in-laws to come with us to Kauai. They want to see Pearl Harbor, so they’ll need to go to Oahu first, but Kauai is too gorgeous to pass up. Maui has become just as special to us, mostly because of Makena beach. It’s a huge sandy beach tucked away on the end, away from resorts and crowds, and it’s perfect for swimming or just sitting in the sun.GeckoIt’s hard to explain how much I love Hawaii. It’s peaceful, there’s some amazing food, and everyone’s pretty relaxed. It was a lot of fun working there, and also amazing vacationing there!

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  1. auntiedoni says:

    Why yes, yes I know EXACTLY what it’s like, it’s not hard for me to understand how you feel about Hawaii. There are no words to express the depth of EVERYTHING about each Island. I’m so glad that you “got it” Anna, not many visitors do, Hawaii is so special in so many ways.
    A hui hou, unitl we meet,

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