Food Science

Have you ever wondered what makes a pudding thick and creamy? Or why some foods spoil faster than others? How about the process of caramelization, or the things you can do to milk that make a ton of different products- whipped cream, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, ect.? Well, I’m focusing my life on learning the answers to questions like those. (Also, some answers to those questions listed above, in order = starch gelatinization/protein coagulation, high amounts of water/lack of preservatives, sugar and protein in the presence of heat causes browning in bread, meats, cookies, ect.)

I love food!

It’s crazy how many food products there are in the grocery stores. Some of them are healthy and some are known for being terrible for you, but here’s the thing: we buy them all. If we didn’t, they would never have been created. And that’s where food scientists come in.

A food scientist uses chemistry, food microbiology, engineering, and sensory science to create new products that line a grocery shelf. I read every nutrition book and took as much biology in college as possible. Desperate for a career in food but not sure of my math skills, I took the plunge and joined the Food Science program at Iowa State University.

The degree program was fun, challenging, and interesting. I had a great internship that confirmed how much fun it is to create new foods and change old recipes. It is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. I wanted to get into product development so that I can continue to create new food products. It’s what I’ve been doing for many years at home, so why not do it as a career?

Right now I’m an Associate Research Scientist, which means I help formulate new products, fill out paperwork like specifications, scale-up products to run in our manufacturing plant, and perform food product testing, evaluating finished goods with culinary, sensory, and other scientists. It’s different every day and I love it.

Also, I want to blog, and show people what it is that food scientists do. They make products that people love, that are healthy, that feed countries, and most of all, taste amazing. And food chemistry is crazy. The many things you can do with sugar are insane. I do agree it can all be done with fewer chemicals, though. Now that consumers are demanding healthier food, I hope to have success making products that aren’t that different from what I’d make at home.

If you like the cookies, you'll LOVE these cupcakes!

Eat your veggies, exercise, have fun, love life, and eat cupcakes.

5 thoughts on “Food Science

  1. juniceun says:

    Anna, I didn’t know you had a blog! It looks awesome, and I love that you’re incorporating food science communication 🙂


  2. Gary Falkenburg says:

    Hello … I have a cake that I am getting ready to put into convenience stores as single serve cakes. The distribution company has told me that I need to put my recipe with a Food Science person or company to have done whatever it is that Food Science people do!

    Any recommendations for someone that can do this for me?

    Thank you,



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