Foodscientistbakery.comHi! I’m Anna. I’m currently  an Analytical Scientist at Sargento Foods, Inc. I graduated in May 2016 with my Bachelor’s of Science degree at Iowa State University, studying to become a Food Scientist. Funny thing was, there weren’t a lot of other students in my program who loved to bake like I do. Maybe I get it from my mom. She’s a bit of a whiz in the kitchen. I used to sit on the kitchen counter when I was little and she’d have me stir cocoa or soup (she was very trusting). She makes the most amazing cookies, pies, and meals. Her German roots might play into that. Here we are with Dad in Maui, having just finished off a slice of Hula pie:

Me with my parents, in MauiBasically, I love food and humor. Oh, and the beach, but I was born and raised in the Midwest. Luckily, my job took me near Lake Michigan, which is beautiful in the summer.

I love to invent all-new flavor combinations, play around with current food trends, and most of all, make delicious foods a little bit healthier and totally homemade. No boxed cake mixes here, but nothing overly complex either. I tend to follow recipes loosely and offer my own interpretation, and always re-take photos and re-write the recipes in my own words.

Just so you know who I refer to in my posts, my husband’s name is Michael. We’ve been married for over 5 years and he is the most enthusiastic taste-tester I’ve ever met and also the love of my life!

I’m the youngest of 5 kids. All my siblings are married with kids, but none for me, thanks! I have a 13-year-old Westie named Jade, who is the only baby I need.

Michael and Me

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