Meals I Make: Recent Winning Recipes

It’s summer! I’m soaking it up, because fall may be my favorite season, but summer is pretty hard to beat. Plus, this is the last summer where I’ll be off school and work, so I’ve been enjoying the free time. We got all moved in to our new place and I’ve been walking my dog Jade every day! We took an hour long walk this morning while it was still cool outside. The weather has been amazing lately!
I’ve been inspired to make some tropical-themed suppers lately. Fruit is delicious right now, and I got a perfect pineapple and mango. I thought I’d share some of my favorite meals from this week. I’m sorry that I don’t have photos of them all, but the original posts have awesome photos if you need to see them. By the time I get supper made, we just dive in without snapping photos first. I honestly don’t know how food bloggers do it! Desserts are so much easier to capture for me.

These Crock Pot Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Tacos with Pineapple Slaw are our favorite new tacos, and I loved that I didn’t have to heat up the kitchen to make them! I left out the sriracha and the brown sugar and we ended up with crunchy, sweet, spicy tacos. It was the perfect blend of flavors and textures!

These Margarita Enchiladas are more complicated, but so worth it. I used this marinade (without the tequila) to make the chicken, then mixed up some homemade enchilada sauce (with half the oil) to make these enchiladas (without the onions, olives, and chilies). I added some sautéed onions and bell peppers.

These Mango BBQ Quesadillas also took three separate recipes, but they’re incredibly simple. I think when you start with fresh ingredients, and even though they take more time to prep, the end results are worth it! These were juicy, full of flavor, plus you can make the sauce and salsa in a blender or Ninja to make it go faster.

If you want a true midwest meal, just make some really excellent steak like these Pan-Seared Riby-Eye Filets and Cheesy Roasted Garlic Corn on the Cob. Maybe throw in some sautéed peppers, fresh tomatoes, or grilled zucchini to balance things out. I have more, but I’ll stop for now. I’m hungry!

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