Angel Food Cupcakes

Angel Food Cupcakes with a fresh whipped cream frosting!

My mom is awesome. I remember once, when I was pretty young, it was warm and rainy out one day. She told me and Amy to take off our socks and shoes and go outside to splash in puddles in the driveway. We happily obliged! She’d always let me lick the beaters when she was baking chocolate chip cookies, let me play with her jar of buttons while she sewed, made us play dough from scratch, let us make a huge mess of it on the kitchen table, and always had hot cocoa waiting for us when we came inside from sledding. So, yeah. Awesome. Basically the kind of mother I’d want to be, if I wanted kids that is.

Angel Food Cupcakes with a fresh whipped cream frosting!

She’s also amazing with her many grandkids (8 and counting). She makes them tea parties and play dough, reads them books, and lets them have giggly sleepovers at Grandma’s. I could probably talk endlessly about how much I love my mom. My mother-in-law is the sweetest human being ever. I love her, too!

Angel Food Cupcakes with a fresh whipped cream frosting!

Anyways, for Mother’s Day every year (and their birthdays), I ask my mom and my mother-in-law what they’d like as a treat. My mom requested Blackberry Lemon Cupcakes and my mother-in-law, Lori, asked for “something lemon”. I made Lori a Lemon Vanilla Cake (recipe coming soon!) and made mom her requested cupcakes plus these, because I was dying to try them.

Angel Food Cupcakes with a fresh whipped cream frosting!

I saw these on Pinterest and thought it was a fantastic idea. Mom loves angel food cake, and I love making cupcakes. I used a starch paste method to stabilize the whipped cream since I wanted them to last throughout the entire weekend. It’s really easy, and handy when you’re traveling a long ways with food.
Angel Food Cupcakes with a fresh whipped cream frosting!I inserted a strawberry by using the cone method and gently pushing the strawberry inside the cupcake, instead of a filling. It was really cool to cut them in half and see how it turned out! If you want, you can just put some sliced or chopped strawberries on top. It’s a little easier and tastes similar. They’re fluffy, light as air cupcakes that definitely taste heavenly!

*Makes 9 small cupcakes

Cupcake Ingredients:
¼ c. flour
1 T. cornstarch
3 egg whites, room temperature
1 T. warm water
½ t. almond extract
¼ t. cream of tartar
⅓ c. sugar

Preheat oven to 350 F. In small bowl bowl, sift flour and cornstarch. In bowl of electric mixer, beat egg whites, water, extract of choice and cream of tartar on medium-high until soft peaks form. Slowly add sugar while beating on medium until stiff peaks form. Sift a small amount of flour mixture into bowl and use a spatula to gently fold into egg white mixture. Continue until all of flour mixture has been incorporated.
Divide batter among paper lined muffin cups, filling them full. Bake for 15-18 minutes until golden. Cool completely.

Frosting Ingredients and Directions:
2 T. sugar
½ T. cornstarch
2 c. heavy whipping cream, divided

Heat sugar, cornstarch, and ½ c. of cream in small saucepan over medium heat until thick and bubbly. Remove from pan and cool in fridge for 30-45 minutes. Refrigerate your bowl and beaters, too, for best (and quickest) results. Once the starch paste is cool, whip the rest of the cream in chilled bowl until thickened. Slowly add starch paste and beat well until stiff peaks form. This cream can be kept in fridge for 3 days or left out for up to 3 hours.

Assembly: If desired, use the cone method to fill cupcakes with strawberries. Frost cooled cupcakes with whipped cream and sliced or chopped strawberries. Eat or place in fridge for up to 3 days.
Angel Food Cupcakes with a fresh whipped cream frosting!

Sources: Cooking Classy and Chow

14 thoughts on “Angel Food Cupcakes

    • foodsciencebaker says:

      Sure thing! I just did that, actually I tripled it, and it worked well. It’s a lot of egg whites, so just be sure to put each egg white in your mixing bowl to avoid getting 1 yolk in 9 egg whites. The fat in the yolk will keep them from getting fluffy. Good luck!


  1. Jan says:

    Just made these…quadrupled the recipe & got 28 cupcakes. They turned out perfectly! Thank you so much for this recipe, it is sure to be one of my family’s favorites!


  2. Gabrielle Landis says:

    I made this recipe and I am going, to be honest here; It was not what I expected. For angel food cake cupcakes, it came out extremely dense and it did not even taste like angel food cake. Also, the cupcake batter made only four cupcakes, it could not even make 9 small cupcakes. I am a pastry chef and measured everything out to the exact measurements on the recipe and I am disappointed, and highly let down by this recipe. If you were supposed to triple or double it to make a large number of cupcakes, then it should be listed instead of putting in a small font on the recipe that it only makes 9 small cupcakes when I had to push for 4 cupcakes. I will not be using this recipe ever again. It was way too dense and did not even taste like angel food cake.


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